Monday, October 20, 2014

hi im keith + i running for town council seat to get $20/meeting stipend

you may sign my nomination petition or write in on the ballot tuesday nov 4, 2014 at vb community center polls open at 8 am - 8pm ... found out some neat stuff - did you know army doctors used super glue in vietnam war to close wounds instantly? it works! + and you can make a diy (do it yourself) co 2 (electrical, oil, wood) fire extinguisher with baking soda, vinegar, water, soda bottle, saran wrap, small stone, push pin + tape ? how about using an onion ring border to fry an egg in for your own veg mcmuffins ? also, father thomas who built st mary's college on francois violet's farm was pioneer radio telegraphy hobbyist + us army took over his telegraph radio in ww 1 - it closest to europe in us - and van buren received nov 11th, 1918  german signed armistice treaty 3 days earlier : )

' Nowadays, professional athletes often close small cuts with Super Glue or similar products to get back in the game in a hurry. The glues are also used by veterinarians, and many people keep a tube around the house to help them out of a medical pinch. It is believed that the glues — made from the chemical cyanoacrylate — not only stop bleeding quickly, but also lead to less scarring. '

' Although the packaging on Elmer’s Products’ Krazy Glue specifically warns against contact with skin, an increasing number of dermatologists, nevertheless, are recommending the glue for patients suffering from small lacerations, such as paper cuts, or even more serious skin splits resulting from chapping or eczema. '

' The Claim: Super Glue Can Heal Wounds ' New York Times - by Anahad O'Connor December 4, 2007 - my face book page

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