Thursday, October 23, 2014

use library computer 2 find truth + ' keith 4 town council stipend '

sign in usually for 1 hour

press ' enter ' button to turn on screen

left click ( move cursor arrow to desired spot then and push left side of mouse button
  ) ' switch user ' if it says: ' patrons - locked '

wait + it will say ' patrons - logged on ', click on that ( left click when cursor arrow touches )

internet explorer is the location of whatever search engine is  that the computer you are using is
set at ... google the best so far right click on ' internet explorer ' (e with a halo )

if there are no icons on the homescreen like the ones to the left of screen above,
 left or right click on the round  blue ( with green yellow, red + blue flag like things inside it ) 
microsoft icon usually at bottom left of screen until menu pops up, click on ' all programs ' then
click on ' internet explorer '

left click in long, thin blue box under ' google ' logo till cursor line (won't be arrow this time )
 blinks then type in:
' truth + keith taft 4 town council stipend '
or whatever you would like to ' and ye shall find...'

then press ' enter ' with finger or left click on magnifying glass ' search ' icon

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